Prosthetic Management Group is a unique business in the prosthetics and orthotics industry.

Prosthetic Management Group (PMG) believes in a comprehensive approach to patient care in order to achieve successful outcomes for patients in need of prosthetic services. Our American Board for Certification (ABC) Certified and State Certified Prosthetic Practitioners working in harmony with the rehabilitation team will create a positive source of education and confidence for the patient and their family.  Without delaying discharge from the hospital for the patient, PMG will evaluate, coordinate and implement a life-long care plan utilizing our expertise in prosthetics.

Each member of the rehabilitation team brings a unique contribution to patient success. PMG places a Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic (CPO) practitioner inside the hospital for a continuum of care to the hospital’s new and existing amputee patients. Comprehensive prosthetic care with PMG in a hospital setting provides convenience, an excellent experience, peace of mind, and improved quality of life for the patient.

Your Team and PMG Together

PMG is committed to providing quality care to our patients and their families by listening to them, meeting their needs, improving their quality of life, and helping them regain their self-confidence by utilizing a comprehensive continuum of care plan. Our practitioners’ commitment is to the patient and to his or her success. Prosthetic care is tailored to the patient’s individual needs and goals. PMG assures personalized attention to every patient throughout their treatment and recovery by a care plan utilizing the latest technology available.  At PMG, we believe that everything we do should reflect our concern and regard for the patient. From the team we assemble to the services we render, we remain focused on the patient’s comfort, care, and treatment.

At Prosthetic Management Group, we are committed
to making a difference in the lives of each individual we serve-
Bridging the Gap for Life.